Gameplay Demo:

Plunder is a game made for the I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game game jam. 

The goal is to make the best game with the worst art possible. 


To achieve the best game possible, we tried to fulfill the fantasy of being a pirate and swinging around while slashing cowering sailors and stealing their money.

Winning is easy, simply swing your way around the ship as best as possible and kill enemy sailors to acquire their doubloons. Doubloons gained are based off of your speed when enemies are killed so swing as fast as possible when you strike your foes.

Art Direction

To achieve the worst art possible, we made a list of all of the art assets and randomly assigned them to different programmers to create in mspaint with a mouse. No collaboration was allowed during asset creation. 

Because art is not limited to graphics alone, we used a very fancy Blue Yeti microphone to record the entire original OST played on the recorder.


Plunder.rar 19 MB

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